Conference Papers


‘On the fringes of planning history: William McLean, Edwin Sarsfield-Hall and the unwritten history of Khartoum North, c.1900-1935’, Urban History Group Conference, Keele University, 5-6 April 2018


‘Running up the Nile for a change of air: Architecture, space, and time in an Edwardian traveller’s account of the Anglo-Egyptian Nile valley’, Geographies of World History, University of Cambridge, 30 September 2017

‘Environment and imperial space in Anglo-Egyptian Khartoum: a case study of All Saints’ Cathedral’, Architectural History Workshop, 20 May 2017

‘Constructing the Nile Valley: Empire, Environment and Building, 1880s-1920s’, Water conference organised by the Northern Nineteenth-Century Network, Leeds Trinity University, 7 April 2017

‘Colouring the City: Environment and urban form in Touba and Khartoum’, New Researchers in Modern Urban History, Institute of Historical Research, London, 4 July 2016

‘Crowd-funding Colonial Architecture: The funding, design and reception of All Saints’ Cathedral, Khartoum’, Reading Architecture Across the Arts and Humanities conference, University of Stirling, 5-6 December 2015